Antique Fretwork Clock Reproductions

At Always Victorian we have a common appreciation of beautiful clocks and specifically Victorian clocks. A range of clocks we particularly admire at the moment are the Antique Victorian Fretwork Clocks. These are beautifully intricate wooden clocks which come in styles that are suitable for the wall, mantle or table. Original Victorian antique fretwork clocks are rarities and thus very expensive. However we know that there are many artists out there who keep the craft alive by creating beautiful handmade reproductions. We support the dedication and skill of the many wood artists who devote the hundreds of man hours it requires to make each of these clocks, which are now available for all of us who would love to own one.

The popularity of antique reproductions

Handmade antique clock reproductions can be bought as pre-owned items or can be purchased new from existing stock designs or commissioned and made to a particular specification. Victorian reproductions are very popular and styles of clock include clock towers and étagère, wall and mantle clocks, mini grandfathers and grandfather clocks. Quality is the key to a good reproduction and period features must be appropriate and sympathetic to the piece and its time period.

An important part of this business is the aftermarket and services here include expert restoration, comprehensive repair and detailed refinishing of antique and reproduction pieces. The market is supplied by artists, carpenters and bespoke joiners who all have their own unique approach to clock making, style and expertise. The woodwork detail can be extremely intricate and the joinery and carpentry skills required for this type of work are of the highest calibre.

Creating the intricacy

Many of the most attractive Victorian clocks are adorned with Fretwork which is an intricate interwoven decorative design that can be made from either wood or metal depending on the clock type. Wood fretwork can be carved out manually with a fretsaw, jigsaw or coping saw or by an electrically operated scroll saw. Many of the most popular fretwork patterns are geometric or floral in design, however just about any intricate scene or picture can now be recreated in fretwork. Some of the existing scroll saw patterns date back 150 years or even further. These patterns would have taken hundreds of hours to design and develop by hand at that time. Nowadays, however, computer aided design has revolutionised fretwork design and laser cutters have revolutionised production methods.

Keeping it traditional

When it comes to the beautiful antique fretwork clock reproductions that we at Always Victorian admire so much, no hi-tech methods of design and production have been employed. Instead traditional or original designs are used and each piece of fretwork is individually hand crafted from the best of hardwoods using a fretsaw. The fabrication is kept as authentic as possible which means no nails are used and corners are mitred. As with all hand crafted items these fretwork clocks take very many man hours to design and fabricate. Depending on the size and intricacy of the clock, there can be 500 or more pieces of fretwork individually carved involving some 2000 cuts. It can take as much as 300 hours to create one clock like this but the finished article is well worth the effort as it is truly a work of art.


Victorian Chiming Clock with rack of 8 bells

Victorian quarter chiming clock on 8 bells
Victorian Chiming Clock with rack of 8 bells


Victorian Chiming Clock with rack of 8 bells

4.5 Victorian quarter chiming clock on 8 bells Victorian Chiming Clock with rack of 8 bells

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